My Story: How A Lifetime of Depression & Disordered Eating Lead To My Career As A Healer

Shortly after the birth of my second child, I finally made peace with the fact that having an identity outside of “wife” and “Mom” would result in a happier me. My husband fulfilled a part of me, my kids another. Yet my first-born’s 3-year struggle with eczema had introduced me to Holistic Health and Natural Medicine and had ignited a passion inside me that I wished to use to help others.

For those 3 years, we sought the advice of numerous doctors and health professionals who always offered a prescription aimed at masking the symptoms, or an antidote of herbs, supplements, or homeopathy promising a cure. Yet only when we consistently stuck with a nutrient-dense diet that supported the body’s natural healing mechanisms and nourished the compromised digestive tract, but was free of the foods that his body struggled to cope well with, did we finally reach permanent remission of his eczema.

Once my children reached preschool-age, I went back to school full-time and eventually earned my Board Certification as a Holistic Nutritionist and began eagerly guiding friends, family, and local parents towards healthier eating habits, natural remedies, and holistic healing.

Yet all the while, harboring a painful secret of my own.

Despite my professional title, I struggled to marry healthy eating habits with the demands of motherhood. My eating habits had spun out of control during my first pregnancy, and throughout my four years, total, of breastfeeding, I had relied on coffee to suppress my appetite so that I would quickly shed the baby weight. This battle with food was anything but new, as I struggled with anorexia and bulimia in my teenage years as well.

So there I was, excitedly getting my Nutrition practice off the ground, whilst battling debilitating depression, fatigue, and brain fog myself. Again, I sought help from multiple local alternative healthcare practitioners, including acupuncturists, chiropractors, and kinesiologists, whose healing modalities always had limited results. Hundreds of dollars and countless tears later, it finally sank in again:

every healing modality out there would have little effect until I began nourishing my body daily with clean, nutritious foods, versus foods that were literally poisoning my body and mind.

I decided to take myself on as my most difficult client yet. I went on to study the mechanism behind food addiction, as well as the essential lifestyle practices necessary to effectively tackle the emotional aspects driving it. I received formal training in Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy, as well as Holistic Addiction Therapy, but the turning point came after implementing Amino Acid Therapy, a supplement therapy pioneered by Dr. Julia Ross which targets depleted neurochemicals to address food addiction and mood disorders.

After an intensive 3-month self-treatment program, I finally regained control over my eating habits, and just as importantly, I learned how to realistically implement healthy diet and lifestyle practices into my hectic life as a working mother of two small children.

And now I am overjoyed at the opportunity to help you do the same.

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