Crunchy Momma Travels: Lessons Learned in the Berber Village

This. This is where you truly discover yourself. Where you realize just now insignificant your problems really are in the grand scheme of things. Where you realize just how insignificant you really are in the grand scheme of things, yet just how profound of an effect your existence here can have.

This is where you realize that your life — your culture, beliefs, rituals, practices — represent merely a fraction of the experiences being lived throughout our rich, diverse world. Where you’re reminded, once again, that your life, chalk full of comfort, convenience, and amenities, lacks the richness, simplicity, and authenticity that truly gives depth and meaning to the human experience.

These are people who welcome you, a complete stranger, into their lives and homes with warmth and sincerity. Who greet you just as they do family. A people willing — no, eager — to give, despite having so little. A people whose generosity leave an impression so significant that the changes to the heart are almost palpable. A people whose hospitality can be tasted in every morsel of food they eagerly serve you.

These are experiences that can’t be planned. Experiences that shape who we are and who we want to be. Experiences that answer some of our heart and mind’s incessant questions on the meaning and value of life. These are life lessons impossible to learn within the confines of four walls.

Few things in the world rival what stepping out of our reality and into someone else’s can do. To observe and experience life through the lens of others with an open mind and an open heart affords us an unparalleled opportunity to grow individually, as well as to deepen our human connection.

And is there any better antidote¬†to our world’s current ailments than this?

Learn more about Inna Hna here, an association founded in 2014 by the inhabitants of this remote Berber village in order to improve the life of the local people living in severe poverty.

Learn more about Give2Hours here, an up-and-coming comprehensive database of volunteer opportunities worldwide.

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