Healthy Eating for Modern Families


Taking the Guesswork Out of Healthy Eating & Making it Work for Your Family & Lifestyle

This self-paced, 5-step program provides you with the tools and resources necessary to make a seamless transition into healthier eating and lifestyle habits.

The first step to successful change is being armed with knowledge. Is the “Standard American Diet” really that bad, and why? How are our current dietary habits contributing to the epidemic of chronic diseases that were virtually¬†unknown a century ago? What exactly is ‘healthy eating,’ and how can it impact your body, both physically and mentally?

The next step in successful, lasting change is preparation. How can you increase healthy foods in your diet, which will begin crowding out the unhealthy food? What are the most simple changes you can make in your family’s eating habits that have the greatest impact? How can you make healthy eating habits work with a busy schedule?

The following step is perhaps the most crucial: finding ways to make healthy eating habits work for your family. What makes a diet ideal isn’t how raw or green it is. It’s that it’s sustainable. Here we learn about meal planning, meal prepping, bulk cooking, dining out, and how to eat healthy without paying a second mortgage.

Next is further customizing your family’s unique lifestyle diet. Learn how to identify food allergies or intolerances, and how supplementing crucial vitamins and minerals can further help your family achieve more vibrant health.

Healthy eating is a significant component of a healthy lifestyle, but not the only one! Here we’ll look at how everyday stress affects your health, and simple ways to incorporate stress-relieving lifestyle practices that can drastically affect your well-being. We’ll also discover how to healthify your home by making some simple, yet realistic changes to your cleaning products, kitchenware, and beauty care!